About Us

“Stay focused on the end goal until you succeed.”

RAPHA TEA originated from an instant inspiration of discovering the best ingredients from the beautiful island – Taiwan. In 2017, with this spark of inspiration, we opened our first tea shop. RAPHA TEA is proud to offer a full range of premium teas! Farmed and hand picked from the high mountains of Taiwan, each cup of tea we’ve created has a unique aroma, taste and character. We firmly believe the best tea needs the best ingredients, and we want to bring all the goodness to you by breathing a new life into the traditional tea culture.


Offering the Best

Accomplishment starts from action. There is an expression that goes “One minute on the stage, ten years of practice off the stage.” We did our best and never compromised on the idea of freshly brewed tea. It’s our pleasure to share the best tea with you. Serving the best drink is our faith for now and forever.


Premium Quality Tea At Your Fingertips

Rapha Tea offers authentic bubble tea throughout California, Arizona, and Vietnam. Find a convenient location near you now.

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